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Layton is a simple FrontRunner Station with the standard island platform on the line that is singled track for most of its portions but becomes two-tracked for its stations. The station isn't one where trains are scheduled to pass so all trains seem to currently serve the station's western (closest to the UP line that FrontRunner fallows) track. If 15 minute service was ever implemented it would mean trains would meet at every station. At either extreme ends of the station's long island platform are unsigned grade crossings with just look out for trains signs. These crossings both lead to the station's relatively large park & ride lot. That also has both bike racks and bike lockers. Towards the northern end of the station is an wooden building with peeling paint that is the station's historic station house. The station has the standard design of being a mini-high platform (for level boarding for wheelchairs) at the southern end of the platform. This is also where there are two small canopied sections of the platform, each with a bench beneath it. These each have frosted glass windscreens in their centers that have historic pictures of buildings in Layton printed on them. The northern end of the platform extends to the longer than seems necessary length, as a low-level platform just a few inches above the tracks. The only fixtures on the rest of the platform are the standard FrontRunner Lampposts, and some sign/information panel structures. The station has the standard banners hanging from each lamppost these deplict a building on a lake with peaks in the background.

MPXpress MP36PH-3C Locomotive #8 and an Ogden-bound train stop at Layton, the line of rush hour commuters are visible walking towards the station's exit
MPXpress MP36PH-3C Locomotive #8 and an Ogden-bound train stop at Layton, snow-capped peaks are in the background
Bombardier Bi-Level Cab Car #110 is the last car of an Ogden-bound train leaving
An old-fasioned clock in the parking lot
Looking out to the large fenced off parking lot.
The historic white station house.
Bombardier BiLevel Cab Car #107 pulls into Layton, leading a SLC-bound train
Edmonton's LRT

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