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Lehi is a FrontRunner Station located inside Thanksgiving Point Industrial Park (relatively tall buildings surround the station). It has a single island platform and all access to it is from a central underpass. It is the only FrontRunner stop where passengers don't need to and are not allowed to cross the tracks at a level crossing. This underpass has simple concrete walls and arrives at the platform via a long ramp up to its northern end and a staircase towards its southern end (just before the short ramp down to the boarding area for the Comet Cars during the rare times they run). The ramp and staircase are surrounded by white framework with really fake looking stone bases that hold up a green canopy that includes plexiglass windscreens around the long ramp and staircase. There is a final canopy in between the ramp and staircase that covers the usual windscreened benches. All of the platform lampposts are green.

The underpass has exits at both ends. To the west it leads to a narrow staircase and ramp up to Garden Drive with a crosswalk across the street and pull off for passenger pick-up and drop-off. To the east it leads up to a much wider staircase and ramp up to the station's main 739 space parking lot. Directly at the entrance to this parking lot is a bus loop with six stops but each just have normal black bus shelters.
All photos taken on 4 February, 2013

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MPXpress #5 stops leading a northbound train
The three cars of a northbound train leave
BiLevel #107 brings up the rear
BiLevel #107 have left, no grade crossings he to watch for pedestrians at
The ramp up to the platform
A platform sign
The parking lot is across the UP tracks
Lehi Banners
Heading down the stairs to the concrete underpass, the long ramp up the middle of the platform is ahead
The concrete underpass is simple but no smells yet
The Garden Drive entrance
The ramp down to the underpass from the Garden Drive entrance
The crosswalk to the Garden Drive entrance (it lacks sidewalks) that are at least shoveled in winter. The platform is beyond
Looking down Garden Drive across from the FrontRunner Station
Looking across Garden Drive to the FrontRunner Station with 3 Structures in quick succession
Approaching the wider staircase up to the parking lot side of the underpass
Stairs or ramp up to Buses and Parking?
Back down to the underpass beneath the UP tracks to the platform
The station's bus loop
The main staircase down from the bus loop with TVMs on each side
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