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North Temple as the signs say, also called North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe opened as an infill station to serve northern portions of Downtown Salt Lake City as well as provide a direct connection from Front Runner to the Green Line extension to the Salt Lake City Airport. The station opened on December 10, 2012, the same day the FrontRunner South extension to Provo opened. The Green Line station on the North Temple Bridge and its extension to the airport didn't open until April 14, 2013 and before the Green Line opened the grand escalators/elevator structure up to the level of the bridge was closed so all passengers had to enter the station from the east by walkways to the level crossings. The stop is currently the northern terminus of some trains, yard take-outs and put ins to and from Provo. The trains making the reverse half-trips from Ogden terminate at Salt Lake Central.

The station itself has a single island platform and trains normally wrong-rail with left hand running through the station and between here and Salt Lake Intermodal. Porvo-bound trains stop on the east track and Ogden-bound trains on the west track. The island platform has two black, simple canopy structures towards its southern end. Entrances are at each end of the platform across the east, Provo-bound track. The northern grade crossing leads to a new bus loop. The southern end leads to the grand wavy walled and glass covered staircase/escalators (two, one for each direction) and elevator structure up to the North Temple and the Green Line station. The glass of the structure is part of Crystal Light by Catherine Widgery. There is also a walkway over a grade crossing to a path parallel to the North Temple bridge. This leads to a pathway along a non UTA parking lot parallel to the North Temple bridge and past a building N 400 W at the base of the North Temple Bridge.
Photos 1-44 taken on 4 February, 2013; 45-52: 15 January, 2014; 53-59: 7 January, 2015

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The main entrance path to the station along the side of the North Temple Bridge
A FrontRunner Train off in the distance stops in the station
The 3 BiLevels of a FrontRunner Train stop in the station
The path to the station from local streets
A side view of the impressive escalator/elevator up to the future Green Line stop on the North Temple Bridge
A side view of the escalator structure at the end of the Front Runner Island platform
The current grade crossing entrance
TVMs are on the platform right now, at the entrances as is normal for FrontRunner
A plywood wall closes of the grand escalator/staircase structure up to the North Temple Bridge
Looking down the Provo-bound track
The closed with plywood entrance to the bridge
Looking up at the semi-translucent roof, the two escalators are visible
A TVM at the end of a simple canopy
The wide ramp at the southern end of the platform down to the not open yet transfer
North Temple sign and the transfer in the background
Beneath one of two canopy structures
This side for Provo only, the black tape across Ogden looks awful
Sign for Ogden and Points north on the fence separating the tracks from the UP Line
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TRAX Light Rail|FrontRunner Commuter Rail
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