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The Ogden Intermodal Station is presently the northern terminus of FrontRunner and opened to rail service on April 26, 2008 restoring passenger rail service to this historic hub that hadn't had any since the Pioneer was discontinued in 1997 after receiving service continuously since the first train arrived on March 18, 1869. Today's station is just north (with the overpass of West 24th Street in between) of Ogden's Historic Union Station, now home to Museums including the Utah State Railway Museum. From September 29, 2008 until September 6, 2011 it was the terminus for most trains except for two or three shuttle or direct trains that continued north, sharing track with the Union Pacific (and running significantly slower) up to Pleasant View. Low ridership and the few departures per day have replaced this extension once again with bus service in order to serve more riders at the same subsidy. The corridor from here south is on its own ROW (crossing rail yards on a bridge south of the station as trains leave) next to the Union Pacific Line, unlike the line north.

Front Runner trains terminate at an island platform and operations are such that one southbound train leaves as soon as a northbound arrives so all layover for at least a little less than half an hour and can depart from either side of the platform. The platform has the standard design of a mini-high level northern end for level boarding with about 3 Bombardier Bilevel cars and a low-level platform that extends a bit north. The platform has two short green canopies over benches towards its southern end, a line of green lampposts and railings on the platform ramps. The benches have a theme of outdoor recreation from the mountains with representations of boating and sking. There are grade crossings over to the platform at either end these lead to a small parking lot and then crossings over another almost abandoned track into the old Union Staiton before the station's large bus loop is reached with twelve modern shelters for waiting bus passengers. There is a modern building with a plaque for the Ogden Intermodal Transportation Center, a Greyhound ticket counter and an indoor waiting area. It is a two story brick building and is between the bus loop and Wall Avenue along the edge of downtown Ogden.
All photos taken on 6 February, 2012

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Historic Union Station|Railroad Museum|FrontRunner Station
Stepping off a just arrived train from Salt Lake City
The northern grade crossing
Bombardier BiLevel #118 stopped in the station, lights on about to leave for Salt Lake City
MP36PH-3C #9 pushes a southbound train
MP36PH-3C #9 keeps leaving
MP36PH-3C #9 and a southbound train start to pass the historic Union Station
A three car Southbound train passes the historic Union Station
Bombardier Cab Car #109 laysover for half an hour
Directional signs for Frontrunner or Greyhound across from a Bombardier BiLevel
A level crossing of a nearly abandoned track between two of the parking lots
The Ogden Welcome Center
The bus bays
More bus bays
The Greyhound and intermodal station building
The Olympics logo in the floor of the transportation center, Ogden was home to curling
Looking into the Intermodal Station
Looking down to the FrontRunner platform from historic Union Station
Historic Union Station|Railroad Museum|FrontRunner Station
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