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Salt Lake Central

Salt Lake Central was the original downtown and southern terminus of FrontRunner when FrontRunner North opened on April 26, 2008 to Ogden, the station consists of one side platform and one island platform along two tracks. The service pattern from 2008 to 2012 until FrontRunner South opened was: All originating trains board from the side platform and leave from the same track, the island platform is sometimes used by terminating trains if there is already a train stopped in the station. Since FrontRunner South opened on December 10, 2012 and most trains are through-routed running all the way from Odgen to Provo the side platform is used by southbound, Provo Trains and the island platform and far track by Odgen-bound trains. This means trains wrong-rail at the station.

Access to the platform is via crossings at either end of it and one in the middle of it. The southern track crossing is also used by all Amtrak California Zephyr passengers to be led out to their train stopped at its platform beyond and south of the FrontRunner Station. The small modular 'temporary' (although its been in use since 1999) Amtrak station building is also located just south of the FrontRunner Station, and between it and the TRAX station. Alongside the platforms they overlook the Union Pacific Main Line to one side and bus loops to the otherside. Beyond the bus turn around is the Intermodal Hub Building that is mainly the Greyhound Station. Green Signs on lampposts direct people to the five different transportation options at the intermodal hub, around the various sidewalk plazas of the area. Artwork along the Frontrunner platform are stones with suitcases on them representing traveling.

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Near the main entrance to the Greyhound Station
MPXpress MP36PH-3C Locomotive #6 stops
MPXpress MP36PH-3C Locomotive #6 stops
Comet I #304B.
Looking out of a Comet I at at platform sign
MPXpress MP36PH-36 Locmotives #8 and #10 stop on both tracks, both lights on for forward movement
MPXpress MP36PH-36 Locmotive #10
MPXpress MP36PH-36 Locmotive #8
Greyhound buses beyond
Trains, the station and mountains
MPXpress MP36PH-36 Locmotive #10 begins pulling a train back north it's OOS and just running to the maintance yard
MPXpress MP36PH-36 Locmotive #10 goes across the W 200 S grade crossing just north of the station
Bombardier BiLevel crosses W 200 S
Bombardier BiLevel continues across W 200 S
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