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The Historic Bringham City train station is a stone depot building first built in 1907. It is located just south of Forest Street between two main line tracks and a yard lead north of the depot. It was restored in the 1990s and is now a Museum, Gift Shoppe, and Information Center open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 1 to 5 (pm I assume) run by the golden spike association. There is also Union Pacific Railway caboose. Bringham City is the northern terminus of all UTA bus service with one route running hourly up from Ogden Intermodal. It is in visioned to be the northern terminus of FrontRunner when that system is fully built out. The tracks outside the depot have seen service in the Amtrak-era when the Pioneer was reinstated in June 1977, Bringham City was flag station stop, using a modular shelter in front of the historic depot, completed before service began ("9 Amtrak Shelters to be built," Tri City Herald, April 21, 1977 Link). Passenger counts were so low that the stop only lasted until between the February and April 1981 timetables and was replaced by a stop in Cache Junction, as the one intermediate stop between Ogden and Pacatello. (Bringham City Depot,
All Photos taken on 7 February, 2012 on a quick visit by car

Streetside of the depot one of the yard lead tracks is visible
The UP Caboose now on display
Plaque for the depot's location on the Bringham City Historical tour
Looking into one of the windows
The yard north of the depot
The yard lead track and Forest Street's grade crossing
Sign on the depot
Platform-side is all fenced off
Looking across the mainline tracks to the depot
Downtown Brigham City with its entrance arch a few blocks away
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