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The S-Line platform at Central Pointe opened on December 8, 2013 and is located beyond the southern end of the Light Rail platform on the east side of the light rail tracks (the track off and heads east beyond the station) between the light rail tracks and streetcar tracks. It is accessed only by using the southern grade-crossing off this platform. From here passengers must walk through an unnecessary maze of fencing, go past the bumper block for Light Rail trains (currently at track level) and proceed a little farther before reaching the tactile warning strip of the streetcar platform with a simple silver shelter (with glass windscreens) that covers the station's TVM and TAP reader along with a tiny bench. Just south of the platform a single switch connects the streetcar line with the rest of the TRAX system. Streetcars are regular TRAX modern S70 low-floor light rail cars with a few modifications including their unique white and silver livery and the couplings at each end of the cars and the lack of visible couplings at the each end of the cars for a more streamlined look.
Photos 1-15: 12 January, 2014; 16-18: 11 January, 2015

TRAX Light Rail|S-Line Streetcar
The fenced off entrance to the S-Line platforms just beyond the Light Rail platforms
To reach the S-Line all passengers must cross the light rail Keep Right and go aaround this useless maze of fencing
The bumper block and S-line platform beyond
The shelter, S-Line TVM and very poor Fairmont Schedule
The Central Pointe Streetcar Station sign
Streetcars are the same S70 modern light rail vehicles and are stored down the green line a short ways from this station. This switch is the lines connection to the rest of the light rail system, the S-Line lacks its own car barn
Looking back towards the end of the streetcar track
Looking beyond the light rail platform, a streetcar is in the station
S70 Streetcar #1177 stopped at its terminus soon heading for Sugarhouse
Getting read to board the streetcar
preparing to cross from TRAX to the S-Line with an unnesarry maze of fencing
A little white sign for the S-Line
The crossing to the S-Line a year later. Better marked with the logo sign at the end of the TRAX platform and a logo painted on the adjacent building
Close-up of a sign for the UTA Streetcar's transfer
Looking down the light rail tracks at a streetcar on it's fenced off platform
TRAX Light Rail|S-Line Streetcar
Home<Rockies<Utah<S-Line Streetcar<Central Pointe
S-Line Streetcar

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