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The (Sugar House) S-Line Streetcar is a simple 2 mile long line that is entirely single tracked except for a passing siding in the middle. Only two trains operate at one time every 20 minutes, a ride is scheduled to take 12 minutes. The streetcar entered service on December 8, 2013.

Unlike most modern streetcars that include street running, the S-Line follows the former branch line of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad that opened beginning in 1908 once led all the way to Park City. The industrial Sugar House Spur continued service until it was purchased by UTA in 2005 and has been turned both a streetcar line and linear park greenway. There is a nearly continuous (except between South Salt Lake City and Central Point) pedestrian/bike trail along the route just north of the streetcar track (dedicated September 19, 2014) and south of the track a less improved trail exists in places along with various high-line like features like grasses that are slowly growing, abandoned rails, some artwork and interesting seating that take up the rest of the area that was once a bustling freight spur serving various warehouses, some that still exists.

Streetcars are the same S70 LRVs as the rest of the modern TRAX fleet, except these special LRVs (just two are need for normal revenue service) are designed to look more esthetically pleasing. This meant no new maintenance facility needed to be built and cars are stored in the already existing South Salt Lake City yard by running down the spur onto the Green Line. Except for using the same rolling stock, the cars have been painted white and silver with a unique paint scheme (not the usual blue or red ends). They have their couplings at each end covered so only single units can operate.

The stations are all small identical, and roughly every two blocks. Each has a simple silver shelter, sign and a TVM on every platform. Except at Central Pointe, the transfer point to TRAX, no stations have Park & Ride lots. A final neat feature is the prevalence of the S-Line logo that has been painted onto various buildings along the infill route.

Home<Rockies<Utah<S-Line Streetcar

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