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South Salt Lake City
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South Salt Lake
2240 South Main St

South Salt Lake City as of January 2015 (a year into the lines existence) is already on its second name. When the station opened it was South Salt Lake Center, 2240 South Main St, the two white stations signs have been changed to South Salt Lake City (30 East 2240 South). The stop has a single current in service track with provisions to be double tracked when conditions and funding warrant it. It is in the middle, separated by lines of yellow plastic bollards, of a new one block street named Central Point Place that is still closed to vehicle traffic (as of January 2015) between State Street and Main Street (with the platform slightly closer to Main Street). The street is wide with three lines and rows of angled parking along each side.

The station's platform has tactile warning strips on both sides, one for the actual track and one that leads to simple the curb of the new street. This seems like a provision for a second track, also the grade-crossing over wide State Street has had a second, phantom track laid that connects with nothing on each side of the grade-crossing. The platform has the usual silver canopy structure coving a TVM and a small display about the history of the corridor and the original experience working on the railroad. The corridor originally opened as a freight and passenger spur in 1908 by the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad that continued through the mountains all the way to Park City. It was abandoned in 1947.
Photos: 12 January, 2014 and 11 January, 2015

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Waiting for a train at the snow covered station a month after its opening
Walking down, approaching the end of the greenway along the rail line
At State Street, a second track to nowhere was installed with the first, a provision for another passing siding
Approaching the snow covered platform, just after its opening
The one track along the platform
The small display on the history of the railroad
Looking across the single track to the platform in the midst of a construction site
Snow, without a clear walkway makes it unclear how passengers should approach the streetcar stop
A bit of a clear walkway in the icy roadway
Looking down the line of yellow bollards along the track with the platform in the distance
At this entrance, the closed signs have toppled over
Approaching the station a year later, the new street hasn't opened yet
Orange cones close off the new street
A danger high voltage sign and the station off in the distance
Parking spaces, never used
The station, surrounded by an unopened new street
Across from the side of the platform designed for a second track now leading just to concrete
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S-Line Streetcar

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