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Airport Station
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The Airport Station (650 N. 3700 W.) was the reason the 5.8-mile long light rail extension without any park and ride lots was built heading west from downtown largely in the median of West North Temple to Salt Lake City International Airport, an extremely close-in to downtown airport. The Green Line extension opened on 14 April, 2013. The extension was originally proposed before the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002 but it took until 2008 for groundbreaking to occur and until 2013 to be completed. The single island is on the extreme southeastern end of Terminal 1 alongside Terminal Drive, with direct access into the end of the airport terminal at Door 1B.

The light rail platform consists of a single island platform with all access from the end of the platform beyond the two bumper blocks with a diamond crossover located just south of the station for trains to reverse. The platform is covered by entirely except for gaps for the white pantograph poles by a simple white canopy structure with a translucent roof that's ever so slightly angled inward. A red board that lights up at night with Airport Station written along it is just beneath the canopy line and runs the length of the platform. At the southern end of the platform is a crew building between the tracks. Along one track is a grey warehouse structure; along the other, a decorative orange fence with The Canyon by Gordon Huether, with a portion of it outlining mountains and canyons. This fence separates the track bed from a staging area and Terminal Drive. To reach the terminal beyond the bumper blocks passengers simply turn left along a covered walkway and reach Door 1B inside into the end of Terminal 1.

The terminal is a long, single story building. Immediately inside the automatic doors are a few monitors and a couple of TVMs in addition to a few out on the Light Rail Platform. All UTA buses now make their only airport stop at a stop along the terminal roadway opposite here (Stop 1A). Turning right passengers reach the closest Airline ticket counter of JetBlue's followed by all other airlines serving Salt Lake City except for Delta. Baggage claim is a bit farther away on the opposite side of the terminal's central security checkpoint. Delta Air Lines (that has a hub in Salt Lake City) uses Terminal 2. This is basically a connected building beyond Terminal 1 and not a long walk away. Overall, the Train to Plane experience at Salt Lake City International Airport is as seamless as it could be within the overall design of the existing terminal.

1940 W. North Temple is the westernmost stop on the Airport Line located in the median of W North Temple. The stop consists of a single island platform that begins at the intersection of 1950 W and runs east with a second entrance at the opposite end of the platform via a pedestrian crosswalk and traffic light midblock. For passengers amenities there are a series of six (each in sets of two) grey canopy structures with solar panels on their roofs angled south. Red light panels under the canopy structures light up with 1940 W. North Temple. Glass windscreens and benches are under some of the canopies. The mid-platform pantograph towers are yellow with little decorative light fixtures high on the top. Along the platform are decorative sculptures that look like reeds, these are Spatial Perception by Shawn Porter.
Photos 1-5: 7 February, 2013; 6-22: 12 January, 2014

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Looking out to the dark, under construction platform at the Airport with a This Platform is Not In Service Sign
Styrofoam covers the Tap On/Tap Off Reader and the view down the dark, nearly completed Airport platform
Bollards to prevent luggage carts from being taken down the platform line the entrance to the light rail platform with just a tiny gap in the canopy structure still under construction
Doors 1B into the terminal for the Light Rail
Pedestals for TVMs not yet installed and a video monitor
The small entrance area for the light rail, now complete. TVMs line one wall, Two sets of doors lead out to the light rail, there is even a bench
A UTA schedules rack, Last Train Information and a sign that passengers may be ask to prove that they have a ticket (I guess to keep homeless people from hopping on trains and hanging out at the airport?)
Two sets of doors now open lead out of the end of the Airport Terminal and to the light rail
The entrance to the light rail. Just a tiny gap keeps the walk from being completely covered
Looking across the bumper block and down one of the terminus tracks
Looking down one of the two tracks at the Airport Station
The one entrance to the platform
Countdown clocks show trains are every 20 minutes on weekends
The Airport Light rail platform that ends directly at the airport terminal building
The fence along the platform switches from simple to decorative
A single Green Line LRV stops at a far end of the platform
Signs for Platform Exit point towards the one exit into the terminal off in the distance
Approaching the single S70 LRV that will make the next Green Line trip
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