Daybreak Parkway
South Jordan Parkway
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Daybreak Parkway is the southern terminus of the new Mid-Jordan Line that opened on 7 August, 2011. The station is designed to be the center piece of a new town center development but the train has arrived before most of the businesses and houses. This means there are tons of vacant lots around and temporary simple blacktop walkways to connect buildings already built around the station to the station itself and more infill buildings are designed to be built in between. The stop has two side platforms and trains reverse before the station although the tracks continue a bit south provided tale tracks so an additional trainset can be stored. The platforms each have two canopies on them that are small with benches, glass back windscreens and red and white slat walls at each end. Each of the platforms just have a road alongside them with a bus loop to the west and a line of parallel parking spots to the east. There are traffic lights connecting the roads north and south of the station, and the roads are definitely supposed to be extended farther north and houses are to be built here. South of the station the tracks continue one more block before ending at a semi-permanent round tent. In this area there is more development including a new modern campus for the University of Utah Health Care and a relatively major looking road. Condos exist off in the distance across a vacant field.
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Just stepping off a terminating train
The sidewalk ends before the station
One of the walkways to the station that feel like they were paved temperarily
Vacant land and a traffic light to nowhere along the station platforms
Looking down the walkway across this land
Full station parking lots (or for the hospital) and mountains
Looking down to the station platform
A traffic light and road still to be completed
Looking down the tracks to where they end at a modular structure
A walkway to development that has already been built, away from light rail
Looking down to the station platforms
This view shows how the station is surrounded by vacant lots designed to be a new transit oriented development
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