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Draper Town Center is the current southern terminus of the Blue Line and the end of Phase 1 of the Draper Line Extension that opened on August 18, 2013. The stop consists of a single island platform for the two track line with a diamond crossover just before the station meaning trains to downtown can depart from either platform. The tracks though continue as tail tracks across Pioneer Road that is crossed at an angle just beyond the station and onto long sidings south of the station. This is partially a beginning to the phase two light rail extension farther into Draper that is under study and could be built without effecting current rail service.

The station platform amenities are two main shelter structures. Each has a brown angled roof and is held up by columns surrounded by grey blocks that look like paving stones. At each end of each track, the south track's directly on the island platform. The north tracks on the opposite side of the tracks from where the doors normally open are wheelchair ramps; these have brown roofs and windscreens, blending in with the rest of the station's design. Exits are via pedestrian crossing at each end of the platform. The southern end leads across both tracks to the south to the north sidewalk of Pioneer Road across from a little plaza. This modern plaza contains a bit of seating, a replica brown water tower for a steam locomotive, and a historic boxcar painted yellow for the Utah Poultry Producers Cooperative Association, Draper, Utah. It's from a real historic egg boxcar savaged in Kanab. A canopy similar to the two sheltered areas on the light rail platform covers the boxcar (The Story of the Boxcar from UTA). The northern exit leads across the east track only to a walkway that is parallel to the length of the station platform. At its northern end its extends uphill a bit with a ramp to the station's 438 space park & ride lot who's access road is a block north from Draper Parkway. The southern end is a sidewalk that leads to Pioneer Road.
Photos: 12 January, 2014

S70 #1139A across from a restored freight car terminates
The two modern mini-high platforms one is at each end of each track (4 in total) since this is a terminus station and blue line trains still use high-level cars on weekdays
View from the southern grade-crossing (tail tracks continue)
Across from a Draper Town Center
The replica water tower at the terminus train station
S70 #1139A across from the small plaza at the terminus
Plaque for the history of Draper Historic Rail
The historic and restored boxcar on display, covered
The car is from the Utah Poultry Produces Cooperative
The water tower
Bike racks and the current southern end of the line
The tracks continue to some tail tracks with a further extension into Draper under study
A train stopped on the platform
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