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Fairpark Station
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Fairpark Station is a stop on the Airport Line located in the median of W North Temple. The station is named for the Utah State Fairgrounds located just north of the station. The stop consists of a single island platform that begins at the intersection of Fairpark Drive (a stub of a street) and runs east with a second entrance at the opposite end of the platform via a pedestrian crosswalk and traffic light midblock. For passengers amenities there are a series of six (each in sets of two) grey canopy structures with solar panels on their roofs angled south. Red light panels under the canopy structures light up and provide the station name signs. Glass windscreens and benches are under some of the canopies. The windscreens are colorfully etched with Fairpark Convergence by Nancy Gutkin O'Neil showcasing the history and historical maps of the state fair grounds and surrounding Fairpark neighborhood. The mid-platform pantograph towers are bright green with little decorative light fixtures high on their tops and even more designs farther up.
Photos 1-9: 12 January, 2014

The nighttime illuminated station name signs
One end of one of three platform canopy structures
The windscreens have Fairpark Convergence
Looking west (at the last rays of the day)
Home<Rockies<Utah<TRAX Light Rail<Fairpark
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