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2010: Fashion Place West is a standard TRAX station located on it's private ROW, the station has a single island platform at street level, with entrances to the decently sized park & ride lot and bus loop to one side of the tracks. It has two of the standard canopies that have bricked pillars and a blue roof. One Southern station entrance leads directly to a grade crossing of Winchester Street. There is artwork going down the length of the platform of metal silhouettes of people.

2012: As part of the Mid-Jordan TRAX Line that opened on August 7, 2011, Fashion Place West is only the only 3 track two platform station on the entire TRAX system. A second island platform was built west of the first once, with the middle track now used by Sand-bound Blue Line trains opening on both sides, and Red Line trains to Daybreak on the side track. Both share the original inbound track. This arrangement is even now shown via (an unnecessary in my opinion) diagram on the system map. The new platform is clearly different from the old with a yellow instead of grey tactile warning strip, no artwork and a metal wheelchair ramp for the red line's platform in case high floor cars are ever run down it (ADA laws require the red line to only use low-floor cars, since the Daybreak extensions stations were built with mini-high platforms).
Photos 20-38 taken on 6 February, 2012

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Two SD-100 trains pass south of the station
SD-100 #1012A bound for Salt Lake City enters
SD-160 #1040A stops, one door is open
SD-160 #1040A and the artwork
A SD-100 train leaves passing the busses
The other small canopied windscreen.
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