4773 W. Old Bingham Hwy
Jordan Valley
8351 S. 2700 W.
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Jordan Valley is a station designed to bring transit oriented development to a community that has the parking amenities but no real development yet. It is a stop where parking two parking garages (that seemed almost completely empty in the middle of a weekday) with a daily rate of $1.00 have been built on vacant land. At the main entrance to the station access roads at S 2300 W no one has bothered to remove the Future Station Site Mid-Jordan TRAX sign. The access roads to the station's parking garages do continue to other places including First Med Urgent Car. This ac cess road first leads to one road that makes a loop around one of the stations parking garages with four stories and has the station's bus stops (with little canopies for two lines) with the eastern grade crossing to the island platform. This island platform has the standard two canopies and the western grade crossing leads to a temporary concrete path to the station's other, slightly smaller parking garage. The track here is directly alongside W 8575 S north of it but there is no station access from that road. The parking garages are of a simple cinderblock design and that grey concrete color with blocks showing.
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Text on top of a windscreen
A train fades off in the distance
LRV #1107B comes to a station stop for the Univ
Some construction around the station
Looking across to the platform
Station grade crossing only to the parking lot, not the industry around
Vacant land, to be turned into a transit oriented development
One of the cinderblock, almost looking unfinished parking garages
A canopy
The platform beyond a vacant lot
The side of one of the parking garages
The concrete side of the parking garage
Garage entrance $1.00 fee
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