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North Temple Bridge/Gaudalupe Station
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The North Temple Bridge/Guadalupe Station was built to provide easy transfers to FrontRunner Commuter trains from the Green Line and to capture airport-bound travelers from throughout the Wasatch Valley with an easy transfer. The station is located in the middle of the North Temple Bridge that goes above and across the FrontRunner and Union Pacific Tracks along the north side of the roadway. Just west of bridge, the tracks transition to be in the middle of North Temple and this is the design of the rail line all the way out to the Airport. The stop has a single island platform with a single white canopy structure covering half the platform that is semi-translucent running with a red line beneath with station sings that are backlit at night. This canopy structure is between two blue pantograph poles. The sidewalk is directly along the Airport-bound track and trains running in this direction open their doors on both sides. Although the only marker that this is a second platform is the tactile warning strip.

Access to the platform is only from the north with legal pedestrian crossings at each end to the north sidewalk of North Temple. To transfer to FrontRunner along the sidewalk at the western end of the platform is the top of a large escalator (the only ones on UTA) and stair structure and elevator that leads down to the southern end of the FrontRunner Island Platform below. This structure is a landmark with a frosted glass roof consisting of 114 etched glass panels (including the glass elevator shaft) of Crystal Light by Catherine Widgery. At night the LEDs pulse in different colors making the enclosure extremely dramatic.
Photos 1-11: 4 February, 2013; 12-35: 15 January, 2014, 36-42: 7 January, 2015

TRAX Light Rail|FrontRunner Commuter Rail
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The grade crossing gates at the west end of the bridge where the tracks transition from the north side to the median of N. Temple
Across from the station on the Temple Bridge, the opposite sidewalk is closed
Fencing and closed signs at the station under construction
Looking across to lots of fencing on the closed sidewalk and escalator structure
The long canopy under construction
The canopy under construction and escalator/elevator strcuture nearly completed
Looking across North Temple to the under construction platform
Looking across wide North Temple and the platform beyond
The sidewalk on the North Side of the bridge is closed for station construction
The back of the closed for construction sign with signs for the Airport TRAX Line Construction
A TVM greets passengers transferring from Front Runner at the top of the escalators/stair structure and elevator now open
The blue translucent top of the elevator shaft
An Airport-bound train stops across from the elevator/stair structure
A GRN-Airport stops at North Temple, doors open on both sides
S70 LRV #1123A at the back of a GRN-Airport train stopped
The long lighted name sign at North Temple Bridge
The sidewalk is also a platform with its tactile warning strip for Airport-bound Trains
A small information sign on the platform
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TRAX Light Rail|FrontRunner Commuter Rail
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TRAX Light Rail

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